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The tourney was only for Congress participants.
The theme was : Capture of a piece after switchback (or circuit)

Here are the results (below you find solutions and comments.

Section A (ProofGames)
9 entries by 7 composers. 4 problems were cooked.

Prize :

Igor Vereshchagin (Russia) (version by Rustam Ubaidulaiev)

SPG 16.0 (14+13) C+

1st HM
Gligor Denkovski & Ivan Denkovski (Macedonia)
SPG 10.0 (14+13) C+

2nd HM
Gligor Denkovski & Ivan Denkovski (Macedonia)
SPG 10.0 (10+13) C+
Jonathan Mestel, Allan Bell & Ian Watson (UK & Ireland)
SPG 7.0 (10+13) C+
Section B (any other kind of retro)
3 entries by 3 composers. In fact, versions of the same idea. 1 was
Oleg Pervakov, Valery Gurov & Igor Vereshchagin (Russia)
Win (5+12)

Michel Caillaud

Solutions and comments :

1.e3 b6 2.Qh5 Ba6 3.g4 Qc8 4.Bh3 Bf1 5.Ne2 Qb7 6.Rg1 Qh1 7.Rg2 Kd8 8.Ng1
Ba6 9.d3 Kc8 10.Bd2 Kb7 11.Ba5 bxa5 12.Nd2 a4 13.Rb1 a3 14.bxa3+ Kc6 15.Rxb8
Bc8 16.Rxc8 Qxg1+

2 thematic pieces (Ng1 and Bc8) perform their switchbacks without
capturing opposite pieces.
A superior form of the theme shown only in this nice problem with refined
motivations (screening on f1).

1st HM
1.d4 e5 2.Kd2 Qg5+ 3.Kc3 Qxc1 4.d5 Qg5 5.d6 Qd8 6.Qd5 Ne7 7.dxe7 e4
8.exd8=R+ Ke7 9.Rxc8 e3 10.Rd8 Kxd8
Twice the theme with switchbacks on the same square d8. One of the
thematic piece is a Donati Ceriani-Frolkin

2nd HM
1.Nc3 b5 2.Nd5 b4 3.Nxe7 b3 4.Nd5 bxa2 5.Nc3 d5 6.Nb1 axb1=N 7.Rxa7 Nxd2
8.Ra1 Nxf1 9.Bd2 Nxd2 10.Kxd2 Rxa1
Similar to 1st HM. However the Ceriani-Frolkin piece is not captured on
its promotion square so there is no identical square. A 3rd thematic
switchback is present but it is of a crude nature.
1.a4 d5 2.a5 Bh3 3.a6 Bxg2 4.axb7 Bxf1 5.Rxa7 Bh3 6.Ra1 Bc8 7.bxc8=R Rxa1
Neat rendering including a Phoenix Rook


1.Bg7 exd6 2.Rxf8+ (2.Bxf8? Qg5!) Ke7 3.Rxd8 Kxd8 4.Bf6+ (4.Kb8? f5!) Ke8
5.Kb8 (5.Bxe4? d5!) a5 6.Kxc8
8 black Pawns on diagram prove that none of the black figures is promoted.
White King entered behind black Pawns through g7 and black figures must
have move to let him reach a8.
So, the 3 black pieces captured in the solution have performed switchback!
Nicely pointed.

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