[Retros] Messigny-Retros: "Ready-Made"

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Fri May 24 10:07:46 EDT 2013

Bernd Graefrath <retromode at web.de> writes:

> in the comments to problem no. 5, it is explained that

> Mark was looking for a master game with an opening which

> would constitute a unique proof game. [...]

> A related idea can be found on the same page: With the motto

> "Accelerated Dragon", I presented a unique proof game which leads to

> a standard opening position which, however, is reached in a different

> way, under Koeko: [...]

Ah -- I was hoping that "accelerated" hinted that a position
(in the Dragon but possibly not the Accelerated Dragon) that is
usually reached in N moves has a proof game in fewer than N !
Is that too much to hope for?...


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