[Retros] Messigny 2013 results

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Fri Jul 5 14:16:29 EDT 2013

Joost said:

> - In (Hyper)volage, the rook will not change colour after queenside castling

> - In monochrome, queenside castling is forbidden because the rook changes

> square colour

> - In Einstein, the rook will become a bishop after castling

> - In Antiandernach, the rook will not change colour after castling.

> - In Haan, castling leaves two holes

> I'm starting to agree more and more with Kevin's 'fairy chess == mess'

> attitude....

The situation with "delocalized pawns" (e.g. a white one standing on
the first row) is even more folkloric! Move rules for such pawns go
from paralysis to a triple jump...

It addresses a crucial question to fairists: do we accept this mess or
do we find a way to put some clarity and homogeneity inside the
various rules?

My own opinion is known, mainly the same as Kevin's, a solid house
can't be constructed on sand. But of course it is clear that if some
experts "take the bull by the horns" by writing a kind of fairy Codex
giving e.g. a unique move rule to delocalized pawns, then numerous
entries become unsound and programmers have to change numerous of
their previous programs...

But despite those damages, I'm convinced that some clarity and
homogeneity should appear in fairy rules, in particular for fairy
chess to be attractive for newcomers.


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