[Retros] Messigny 2013 results

Thomas Maeder maeder at glue.ch
Thu Jul 4 15:03:19 EDT 2013

Am 02.07.2013 17:54, schrieb Alain BROBECKER:


> http://myreader.toile-libre.org/uploads/My_51cf26f260ba3.pdf


I don't agree with the remark about my opinion on Monochrome Chess on p. 6.

What I meant to say was that this was *not necessarily* a bug. After all, there are conditions where castling is considered to be king only move (most notably Madrasi), and others where both the king and the rook part are considered (most notably
Maximummer); i.e. I think the last sentence of the paragraph is particularly risqué. That's why it didn't seem clear to me whether queen side castling should be considered legal in Monochrome Chess.

Nicolas Dupont later showed me a Monochrome Chess definition that explicitly mentions queen side castling (most others apparently don't mention it). This definition says that queen side castling is illegal, so I now think that it should be illegal,
as already implemented in WinChloe. And soon in Popeye, so please change the twinning to C+ Py <=4.63; désolé for the author.


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