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Dear retro friends,

Chess960 promotion spot Dec. 3, 2012 - correction and addition


Problem A has turned out to be incorrect as informed by Mario Richter (three composers were not able to spot a defect in a six move sequence!). In the article it is replaced by its predecessor Olli Heimo, Retros Mailing List, Sep. 26, 2012 nrkrnqbb/p1p1pppp/8/3p4/3P4/8/PPP1PPPP/NRK1NQBB, shortest proofgame, Chess960.

Addition to Computer testing

The text says that 'no computer testing program is able to test a Chess960 proof game'; correct is to say 'no public computer'...etc. Mario Richter, one of the best chess problem testers in the world, has developed an own testing method. The following has been added to the text:

There are, however, privately developed testing procedures. Mario Richter describes his method as follows: ' My own program 'rawbats' understands Chess960; it is not a solving program, which does the automated testing for you, but a testing program which requires human intervention. 'rawbats' is not publicly available in the sense that there's no place where you can simply download it, but I'm willing to give it to anybody who asks me for it. Some problem friends already used it successfully. The main problem is, that there is nearly no documentation, and that it is therefore not easy to use ...' - Thanks to Mario for his offer of assistance!

The amended document can be found on the following address:http://www.thbrand.de/downloads/Chess960RetroCorner.pdf

All the best wishes for 2013!


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