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A few random points...

The end position for the 3 destination mate is also similar to a proof game
composed by Richard years ago.

The chess detection problems start on page 76 (out of 86) in this booklet.

The first Pal Benko problem is nicely paradoxical: because the initial
diagram is a sound #2 as well, without any retraction!

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> One of John Nunn's 2012 Christmas puzzles (#5 at

> http://www.chessbase.com/puzzle/christmas2012/chr12-05.htm) is to find

> a game of chess (ending in mate) with a total of three destination


This sounds very similiar to question 6 of Masaya Nakamura's "Chess
Detection Puzzles", presented at the WCCC 2012 in Kobe, Japan:

"I saw a strange game yesterday."
"Again? How strange?"
"The game was ended by checkmate, and all White's and Black's moves in the
game were to one of three squares."



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