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That’s so funny. I can see page 434, but even when I log on to Amazon, I can’t see page 334 which is where a problem of mine is published. Maybe we undead have limited viewing rights in Amazon. Can anyone else see this page and tell me what’s on it, please?

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Now I have noted that you can see the relevant page 434 at

http://www.amazon.de/Schachkompositionen-Aufgaben-Komponisten-Schachgeschichte-L%C3%B6sungen/dp/3869101989/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 <http://www.amazon.de/Schachkompositionen-Aufgaben-Komponisten-Schachgeschichte-L%C3%B6sungen/dp/3869101989/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377062977&sr=8-1&keywords=SChachkompositionen#reader_3869101989> &qid=1377062977&sr=8-1&keywords=SChachkompositionen#reader_3869101989

So the inventor of dead reckoning is undead...

Cheers, Andrew!


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So cool to be undead! I can’t find any deceased namesake online for whom I might have been mistaken. Chess-playing or not. Odd.

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Dear retro-friends,

I have not found the original source, but some hints for further research:

In the new book "Schachkompositionen" by Michael Ehn and Hugo Kastner, the following source is given (on page 332):

"John Nunn / Chessbase 1999 (Original: 1985)".

However, despite of all its merits (nice pictures etc.), the book is not completely trustworthy. For example, on page 434, you read the following dates about an active member of the retro mailing list: "Buchanan, Andrew (1867-1943)".

Best wishes,


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As it happens Chessbase.com just ran this article


on its first "Christmas puzzle" ever, which asked in 1999 for
a legal came starting 1 e4 and ending 5...NxR#. [What's the
source for this puzzle? I don't think it's given in the
Chessbase article but surely somebody on this mailing list knows it.]
This is very hard for most human players, even though the solution
is not quite unique. But it's not the only such puzzle. Another,
which *does* have a unique solution, starts with 1 a3 and ends
on move 5 with White giving mate with a Rook. I don't know
the composer/discoverer of this either, but I first saw it
decades ago in a column by Pal Benko. Are there other such examples
known, or discoverable by computer now that F.Labelle is active again
(welcome back!)? There's of course 1 h4 ... 6 PxB=N#, which is unique
even without specifying the first move; and Labelle found a few more
such examples (all shorter) determined completely by their last move.
But I figure that specifying both first and last move should allow for
a greater and hopefully even more interesting selection of puzzles.


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