[Retros] (S)PG-13.5 1k3bnr/p2ppppp/np5q/Qbp2K2/PR6/1PPr1P2/1B1PP1PP/1N3BNR

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 2 23:01:27 EST 2012

Yes, this is the customary greeting. The position


(C+ Popeye 3.41 in ~3.75 hours) might look familiar: I sent the same
last year with the Black Rook on e3 instead of d3. This year I thought
I might find a way to get something like this to work with a 16+0
position instead of 16+16, but wasn't able to realize any of the
candidate mathematical structures in that realm.

Happy 2012,

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