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Mon Dec 31 09:56:16 EST 2012

Dear chess friends,

I'm presenting here in advance the Award of the Roberto Osorio 55JT.

I agreed with the Editors of Die Schwalbe and Orbit to proceed this way in order to assure the
problems to be published in 2012. This publication shows just FEN positions and solutions.
The complete Award will be published in the magazines.

I apologize for the large delay in doing this.

1st Prize
E. Pichouron & M. Caillaud
13 + 14 Proof game in 18.0 moves C+
1.d4 Sh6 2.d5 Sf5 3.d6 Sh4 4.dxe7 d5 5.e4 Bg4 6.e5 Sd7 7.e6 Sb6 8.exf7+ Kd7 9.e8=R Bd6
10.f8=R(T) Bf4 11.Bb5+ Kd6 12.Qd3 Bd1 13.Sf3 a5 14.0-0 Qxe8 15.Re1 Qg6
16.Ree8(T) Rxe8 17.Be3 Sa8 18.Ba7 Rhxf8

2nd Prize
Mark Kirtley
14 + 14 Proof game in 21.5 moves, 2 Solutions C+
1.Sc3 d5 2.Se4 dxe4 3.g4 Qd3 4.g5 Qf3 5.g6 Qxh1 6.gxh7 g6 7.a4 Bh6
8.a5 Bf4 9.a6 Sh6 10.axb7 a5 11.Ra3 a4 12.Rd3 a3 13.Sf3 Ra4 14.Sd4 Sa6
15.b8=S Bb7 16.Sbc6 Kd7 17.Sb4 Ra8 18.h8=R Ra7 19.Rb8 Ba8 20.Rb5 Kc8 21.Rh5 Kb8 22.Sd5

1.Sf3 d6 2.Se5 dxe5 3.g4 Qd5 4.g5 Qxh1 5.g6 e4 6.gxh7 g6 7.a4 Bh6
8.a5 Bf4 9.a6 Sh6 10.axb7 a5 11.Ra3 a4 12.Rh3 a3 13.Sc3 Ra4 14.Sd5 Sa6
15.b8=S Bb7 16.Sc6 Kd7 17.Sd4 Ra8 18.h8=R Ra7 19.Rb8 Ba8 20.Rbb3 Kc8 21.Rbd3 Kb8

3rd Prize
M. Caillaud
14 + 14 Proof game in 16.5 moves C+
1.b4 d6 2.b5 Bh3 3.b6 Sd7 4.bxa7 b5 5.g4 Sb6 6.g5 Qd7 7.g6 0-0-0 8.a8=B f5 9.Bag2(T) f4
10.e4 Qf5 11.Ke2 f3+ 12.Kd3 fxg2 13.Kc3 gxf1=B 14.Kb3 Bhg2(T) 15.Sh3 Bd3 16.Re1 Bgf1 17.cxd3

4th Prize
G. Donati
14+13 Proof game in 17.0 moves
1.d4 b6 2.d5 Ba6 3.d6 Qc8 4.dxc7 d5 5.cxb8=B Qg4 6.Bbf4 O-O-O 7.Bfd2 Kb8 8.e4 Rc8
9.e5 Rc4 10.e6 Ra4 11.exf7 e5 12.Bb5 Bb4 13.Be8 Se7 14.f8=Q Sg6 15.Qff3 Rf8
16.Qfe2 Bxd2+ 17.Kf1 Bxe2+

Sp. Prize
A. Frolkion & K.Prentos
13 + 12 Proof game in 16.0 moves C+
1.g4 f5 2.g5 f4 3.g6 f3 4.gxh7 Kf7 5.hxg8=S Rh6 6.h4 Ra6 7.h5 c6 8.h6 Qb6 9.hxg7 Qxb2
10.gxf8=S Qa3 11.Bb2 d6 12.Be5 Be6 13.Bg3 Kg7 14.Bh3 Bxg8 15.Be6 Sd7 16.Bb3 Rxf8

Sp Prize
T. Le Gleuher
13 + 15 Proof game in 29.5 moves
1.Sf3 a5 2.Sd4 a4 3.Sb3 axb3 4.h4 Ra4 5.h5 Rh4 6.a4 f6 7.Ra2 bxa2 8.h6 axb1=B
9.hxg7 Sh6 10.g8=R Ba2 11.Rg3 Rg8 12.Rgh3 Rg3 13.R3h2 Bg8 14.Rh3 Kf7 15.R3h2 Ke6
16.Rh3 Sf7 17.R3h2 Bh6 18.Rh3 Be3 19.R3h2 Ba7 20.Rh3 b6 21.R3h2 Ba6 22.Rh3 Bb5
23.R3h2 Sa6 24.Rh3 Qa8 25.R3h2 Qf3 26.Rh3 Qa3 27.R3h2 Rf3 28.g3 Kd5 29.Bh3 Kc4 30.OO

Sp. HM
S. Baier
11 + 14 Proof game in 29.5 moves
1.h4 f5 2.h5 Kf7 3.h6 Kg6 4.hxg7 h5 5.a4 Sh6 6.g8=S h4 7.Sf6 exf6 8.a5 Bb4 9.a6 c5
10.axb7 a5 11.e4 a4 12.e5 a3 13.e6 a2 14.e7 axb1=S 15.e8=S Ra2 16.Sd6 Sa6 17.b8=S Sc3
18.Sc6 dxc6 19.Sc4 Qd5 20.d4 Qf3 21.d5 h3 22.d6 h2 23.d7 hxg1=S 24.d8=S Sh3 25.Se6 Rd8
26.Sd4 Be6 27.Se2 Rd2 28.Sg1 Rxc2 29.Sd2 Kg5 30.Sb1+

Sp. HM
N. Dupont
14 + 10 Proof game in 32.0 moves C-
1.Ph2-h4 Pe4-e5 2.Ph4-h5 Pe5-e4 3.Ph5-h6 Pe4-e3 4.Ph6xg7 Ph7-h5 5.Pa2-a4
Ph5-h4 6.Pa4-a5 Ph4-h3 7.Ph5-a6 Ph3-h2 8.Pa6xb7 Rh8-h3 9.Pb7xc8=S Rh3-g3
10.Pf2xg3 Pe3xd2+ 11.Ke1-f2 Pa7-a5 12.Pe2-e4 Pa5-a4 13.Pe4-e5 Pa4-a3
14.Pe5-e6 Pa3-a2 15.Pe6-e7 Ra8-a3 16.Pe7xf8=S Ra3-b3 17.Pc2xb3 Pd7-d5
18.Qd1-c2 Pd2-d1=B 19.Sc8-e7 Bd1-g4 20.Bf1-e2 Pd5-d4 21.Be2-f3 Pd4-d3
22.Sg1-e2 Pd3-d2 23.Rh1-d1 Pd2xc1=B 24.Sb1-d2 Ph2-h1=R 25.Sd2-f1 Rh1-h8
26.Sf8-h7 Bc1-h6 27.Rd1-d2 Bg4-c8 28.Ra1-d1 Pf7-f5 29.Se2-c1 Sg8-f6
30.Pg7-g8=S Bh6-f8 31.Kf2-e3 Pa2-a1=R 32.Ke3-f4 Ra1-a8

1st HM
I. Faybish
12 + 10 Proof game in 13.0 moves C+
1.b4 c5 2.b5 c4 3.b6 c3 4.bxa7 Qb6 5.axb8=S Rxa2 6.Sxd7 Rxc2 7.Sxf8 Bh3 8.Sxh7 e6
9.Sg5 Rh5 10.Se4 Qxf2+ 11.Sxf2 Re5 12.Sd3 g5 13.Sb2 cxb2

2nd HM
E. Pichouron
13 + 15 Proof game in 13.5 moves C+
1.Pe2-e4 Pb7-b5 2.Pe4-e5 Pb5-b4 3.Bf1-b5 Pb4-b3 4.Pd2-d3 Pb3xa2
5.Bc1-g5 Pa2xb1=B 6.Qd1-d2 Bb1-a2 7.O-O-O Ba2-d5 8.Rd1-e1 Bd5-c6 9
.Re1-e3 Pd7-d6 10.Re3-h3 Bc8-d711.Pg2-g3 Bc6xh1 12.Pf2-f4 Bh1-b7
13.Sg1-f3 Bb7-c8 14.Bb5xd7+

3rd HM
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
10 + 12 Proof game in 16.0 moves C+
1.d4 f5 2.d5 f4 3.d6 f3 4.dxe7 fxg2 5.exd8=S gxh1=R 6.Bg2 Se7 7.Bxb7 Sbc6 8.Bxa8 Sa5
9.Bc6 Bb7 10.Sd2 Sc8 11.Sf1 Be7 12.Bd2 0-0 13.Se6 Rxf2 14.Sf4 Rfxh2 15.Sg2 Rxg1
16.Kf2 Rhxg2+

4th HM
E. Pichouron
13 + 15 Proof game in 21.0 moves
1. d3 h6 2. Bg5 hxg5 3. h4 Rh6 4. h5 Ra6 5. h6 d5 6. h7 Sd7 7. h8=R Sb6 8.
R8h2 Bh3 9. e3 e6 10. Be2 Qf6 11. Bg4 O-O-O 12. Se2 Rd6 13. Rf1 Rc6 14.
Rhh1 Rxc2 15. Rhg1 Rd2 16. Qa4 c5 17. Qxa6 c4 18. a4 c3 19. Sa3 c2 20. Rd1
c1=R 21. a5 Rdxd1#

5th HM
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
14 + 13 Proof game in 14.5 moves C+
1.a4 g5 2.a5 g4 3.a6 g3 4.hxg3 b5 5.Rh6 Bb7 6.Rb6 axb6 7.a7 Be4 8.axb8=R Bg6 9.Ra7 f5
10.Rab7 Ra1 11.Sc3 Rxc1 12.Ra8 Ra1 13.Rxa1 Qa8 14.Raa7 Kd8 15.Rb8+

6th HM
G. Donati
12+15 Proof game in 20.5 moves E+
1.Sc3 d5 2.Se4 dxe4 3.Sf3 exf3 4.e4 Qd5 5.Ba6 bxa6 6.b4 a5 7.b5 Ba6
8.b6 Bf1 9.b7 Sa6 10.b8=S Qb3 11.Sd7 O-O-O 12.Se5 Rd6 13.d4 Rg6
14.d5 e6 15.d6 Se7 16.dxe7 fxg2 17.e8=S Be7 18.Sf6 Rd8 19.(Sf3) Rd4
20.e5 Rh4 21.(Se4)

7th HM
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
12 + 12 Proof game in 14.0 moves C+
1.d4 b5 2.d5 b4 3.d6 b3 4.dxe7 bxa2 5.exd8=B axb1=R 6.Bdg5 Bb4+ 7.Bgd2 d6
8.e3 Bh3 9.Qh5 Sd7 10.Qxh7 Rb8 11.Qxh8 Rb5 12.Qh4 Rd5 13.Bb5 Rxd2 14.Kf1 Rxc1+

1st Commendation
I. Faybish
14 + 12 Proof game in 16.5 moves C+
1.g4 a5 2.g5 a4 3.g6 a3 4.gxh7 Ra4 5.hxg8=S Rh6 6.h4 Rb6 7.h5 g6 8.h6 Bg7
9.h7 Bc3 10.h8=S f6 11.Sf7 Kxf7 12.dxc3 Qxg8 13.Bf4 Ke8 14.Sd2 Qb3 15.axb3 a2
16.Rc1 a1=Q 17.Sb1

2nd Commendation
G. Denkovski
11 + 15 Proof game in 13.0 moves C+
1.Pe2-e4 Pd7-d5 2.Sg1-e2 Pd5-d4 3.Se2-c3 Pd4xc3 4.Pe4-e5 Pc3xb2
5.Pe5-e6 Pb2xa1=Q 6.Bc1-a3 Qa1-d4 7.Bf1-b5+ Qd4-d7 8.Ba3-d6 Pe7xd6
9.Pe6-e7 Sg8-f6 10.Pe7xd8=R Ke8-e7 11.O-O Sf6-e8 12.Rf1-e1+ Ke7-f6
13.Re1-e7 Bf8xe7

3rd Commendation
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
13 + 13 Proof game in 17.0 moves C+
1.b4 g5 2.b5 g4 3.b6 g3 4.bxa7 gxh2 5.axb8=S hxg1=S 6.Rh3 h5 7.Rb3 h4 8.d3 h3
9.Bf4 h2 10.Bg3 h1=S 11.f4 Sf2 12.e3 Rh1 13.Qg4 Sf3+ 14.Ke2 Rxf1 15.Sd2 Rb1
16.Qxg8 Se1 17.Sf3 Sd1

4th Commendaiton
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
14 + 15 Proof game in 19.0 moves C+
1.f4 h5 2.Kf2 Rh6 3.Kg3 Ra6 4.Kh4 Ra3 5.bxa3 a5 6.Bb2 Ra6 7.Bd4 Rf6 8.Sc3 e5
9.Rb1 e4 10.Rb3 e3 11.Qa1 exd2 12.e3 d1=R 13.Be2 Rd2 14.Bf3 Rxg2 15.Sge2 Rg5
16.Rg1 Re5 17.Rg3 Re7 18.Kg5 Rd6 19.h4 Re5#

5th Commendation
T. Le Gleuher
15 + 15 Proof game in 20.5 moves
1.a4 Sf6 2.a5 Se4 3.Ra4 Sxd2 4.Rg4 Se4 5.Bd2 d5 6.Bb4 d4 7.c3 d3 8.Qb3 d2+
9.Kd1 Qd3 10.f4 Qh3 11.Kc2 d1=S 12.Sd2 Se3+ 13.Kb1 Sf5 14.e3 g6 15.Bd3 Bg7
16.Se2 Bd4 17.Rf1 Sg7 18.f5 Sf6 19.Rff4 Sg8 20.f6 Kf8 21.fxg7+

6th Commendation
M. Kirtley
16 + 13 Proof game in 16.5 moves
1.c4 f5 2.c5 Sf6 3.c6 Rg8 4.cxb7 c5 5.b3 c4 6.Ba3 c3 7.Bd6 c2 8.Bxb8 Qc7
9.Bxa7 Kd8 10.b8=B Ba6 11.h4 Bd3 12.Sh3 Qc4 13.Bh2 Se8 14.Bg1 Kc7
15.Bb8+ Kb6 16.f3+ Ka5 17.Bga7.

7th Commendation
N. Dupont
12 + 14 Proof game in 32.0 moves C+
1.Pd2-d4 Pb7-b5 2.Pd4-d5 Pb5-b4 3.Pd5-d6 Pb4-b3 4.Pd6xc7 Pb3xc2 5.Pb2-b4
Ph7-h5 6.Pb4-b5 Ph5-h4 7.Pb5-b6 Ph4-h3 8.Pb6-b7 Ph3xg2 9.Sg1-h3 Pg2-g1=B
10.Pb7xc8=B Bg1xh2 11.Bc8-a6 Bh2-d6 12.Bc1-f4 Pf7-f5 13.Bf4-h2 Pf5-f4
14.Pc7-c8=B Pf4-f3 15.Bc8-b7 Pf3xe2 16.Pf2-f4 Pg7-g5 17.Bb7-f3 Pg5-g4
18.Qd1-d5 Pg4-g3 19.Ba6-d3 Pg3-g2 20.Ke1-f2 Pe7-e5 21.Kf2-g3 Pe2-e1=B+
22.Kg3-g4 Be1-b4 23.Sb1-c3 Pe5-e4 24.Ra1-d1 Pc2-c1=B 25.Bd3-b1 Pe4-e3
26.Bf1-d3 Pe3-e2 27.Bd3-c2 Pe2-e1=B 28.Rd1-d3 Be1-h4 29.Rh1-e1+ Bh4-e7
30.Re1-e4 Pg2-g1=B 31.Sc3-e2 Bg1-c5 32.Sh3-f2 Bc1-a3

8th Commendation
N. Dupont
1.Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2.Ph4-h5 Pa5-a4 3.Ph5-h6 Pa4-a3 4.Ph6xg7 Pa3xb2 5.Pa2-a4
Pb7-b5 6.Sb1-a3 Pb2-b1=R 7.Pa4-a5 Rb1-b4 8.Pa5-a6 Rb4-a4 9.Pa6-a7 Pb5-b4
10.Pa7xb8=R Pb4-b3 11.Rb8-b4 Pb3-b2 12.Rb4-h4 Pb2-b1=R 13.Pg2-g4 Rb1-b4
14.Bc1-b2 Pe7-e5 15.Qd1-b1 Pe5-e4 16.Qb1-a2 Pe4-e3 17.0-0-0 Pe3xf2
18.Pe2-e4 Ra8-a6 19.Bf1-c4 Pf2-f1=R 20.Pe4-e5 Rf1-f5 21.Pe5-e6 Rf5-a5
22.Pe6-e7 Pf7-f5 23.Pe7xf8=R+ Ke8-e7 24.Rf8-f6 Pf5-f4 25.Rf6-h6 Sg8-f6
26.Pg7-g8=R Pf4-f3 27.Rg8-g5 Pf3-f2 28.Rg5-h5 Pf2-f1=R 29.Pg4-g5 Rf1-f5
30.Pg5-g6 Rf5-b5 31.g6-g7 d7-d5 32.g7-g8=R Bc8-e6 33.Rg8-g2 Qd8-g8
34.Rg2-h2 Qg8-g2 35.d2-d4 Rh8-b8 36.Rd1-d3 Rb8-b6 37.Rd3-h3

9th Commendaiotn
I. Faybish
13 + 13 Proof game in 19.0 moves C+
1.a4 b5 2.Ra3 bxa4 3.Rb3 a3 4.Sc3 a2 5.Ra3 a1=B 6.b3 Bb2 7.Sa2 Be5
8.Bb2 Bg3 9.Bf6 exf6 10.Qa1 Bfd6 11.Kd1 Bdf4 12.Kc1 d6 13.Kb2 Bg4
14.Kc3 Qd7 15.Kb4 Sa6+ 16.Ka5 OOO 17.hxg3 Re8 18.gxf4 Re5+ 19.fxe5 dxe5

10th Commendation
G. Donati
12+14 Proof game in 21.5 moves E+
1.a4 d5 2.Ra2! (2.Ra4??) Bh3 3.gxh3 d4 4.Bg2 d3 5.Kf1 dxc2 6.d4 Qd5
7.Bg5 Qe4 8.Bf6 exf6 9.d5 Ba3 10.d6 b5 11.d7+ Ke7 12.d8R Sd7 13.Qe1 Sb6
14.Rd1 Rd8 15.Sd2 Rd3 16.Rb1 Rf3 17.exf3 b4 18.Qe3 b3 19.Se2 bxa2
20.Rg1 axb1B 21.Bh1 c1R+ 22.Kg2 N.B.

11th Commendation
T. Le Gluher
14 + 15 Proof game in 17.0 moves C+
1.h4 f5 2.h5 f4 3.h6 f3 4.hxg7 h5 5.g4 Rh6 6.g5 Rc6 7.g6 Sh6 8.g8=B Bg7 9.Bb3 Bc3
10.g7 Ba5 11.g8=B Rc3 12.Bgc4(Pr2-Pr1) d5 13.Bh3 Qd6 14.Bd7+ Kd8 15.Bdb5(Or-Pr2) c6
16.B3a4(Pr1-Or) cxb5 17.Bcb3(Pr2-Pr1) bxa4

12th Commendaiotn
A. Frolkin & K. Prentos
15 + 13 Proof game in 16.5 moves C+
1.f4 a5 2.f5 a4 3.f6 Ra5 4.fxe7 Sa6 5.exd8=S Be7 6.Sh3 Bh4+ 7.Sf2 Ke7 8.Sxb7 Kf6
9.Sd6 Kg5 10.Sf5 Sf6 11.Sg3 Re8 12.Sg4 Re6 13.Kf2 Rb6 14.Kg1 d6 15.Sf5 Sd7
16.Sf6 gxf6 17.Sd4

13th Commendation
A. Buchanan
13 + 13 Proof game in 10.0 moves C+
1.Pa2-a4 Ph7-h5 2.Pa4-a5 Ph5-h4 3.Pa5-a6 Ph4-h3 4.Pa6xb7 Ph3xg2
5.Pb7xa8=R Pg2xh1=R 6.Ra8xa7 Rh1xh2 7.Ra7-a2 Rh2-h7 8.Sb1-a3 Sg8-h6
9.Ra1-b1 Rh8-g8 10.Ra2-a1 Rh7-h8

Sp. Commendation
G. Donati
15+14 Proof game in 19.0 moves E+
1.h4 c5 2.h5 Qa5 3.h6 b6 4.hxg7 Sh6 5.g8=R Ba6 6.Rg3 Rg8 7.c3 Rg5
8.d4 Bg7 9.d5 Kf8 10.d6 Kg8 11.dxe7 d5 12.Kd2 d4 13.Kc2 d3+ 14.Kb3 d2
15.Qc2 d1=S 16.e3 Sxe3 17.e8=B Sd5 18.Bc6 (Sc7) 19.Bf3 Bf6

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