[Retros] Solidarity chess (=SC)

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 20 11:48:53 EST 2012

Francois Labelle <flab at wismuth.com> writes:

> Thanks. I managed to screw up my example (the WK should be put

> elsewhere to prevent 1.Rxh1 gxh1=Q+),

I was wondering about that...

> but you get the idea: a mate in n can become a draw (just remove the

> WR from my diagram),

or keep it (as a superfluous piece, yes).

> or it can become a win in n+1 if we feel like composing a bit.

"n+1" is the normal situation; you probably meant either "n+2",
for which


is one simple setup, or "more than n+1", which can also exceed n+2
if we feel like composing a bit more, e.g.


Or we could amend the stalemate law...


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