[Retros] Chess960 promotion spot

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 3 10:20:17 EST 2012

On Mon, December 3, 2012 16:11, per olin wrote:

> Dear Andrey,


> Thank you for your kind comment!


> Interesting observation about coming to the Chess960IP with black to move.

> My guess is that a proof game can be made with only either party coming to

> his initial position after a uneven number of moves. The other party has

> to motivate the unique sequence of the moves by both parties.


> A short one: Chess960IP NNRKBQRB and 1.g4 Nb6 2.Bc6 Nxc6 3.Rg3 Ra8 4.Rb3

> Rb8 5.f3 Na8 6.Rb6 Rc8 7.b3 Nb8 C+ Popeye.


> Retrocorner colleagues are invited to try to make a Chess960 proof game,

> where as many black pieces as possible take part in losing the tempo!


> Best wishes


> Per

Hello Per,

I think what Andrei tried to say is that there are Chess960 begin
positions which, after a few moves, are reached with the opposite side to
move. Simple example:

1. Sa3 Sa6 2. Sb3 Sb8 3. Rc1 Sa6 4. Rb1 Sb8 5. Ra1 Sa6 6. Sb1 Sb8 7. Sc1
and the beginposition is reached with the other side to move.


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