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The results from Retros and proofgames section of FIDE Olympic Tournament 2012, co-organized with WFCC, have been presented in this forum. Here a comment concerning the groupings of the problems. What is said here is also valid for other tourneys co-organized by WFCC.

The above mentioned competitions have separate groups for on one hand Fairies and the other hand Retros & proofgames. However, in the Retros & proofgames section have been competing problems with fairy conditions (circe, anticirce etc.). If one composes a direct twomover with circe condition, it is considered to be a fairy composition. If one composes a retro with circe condition, it competes in the retro section. Of course, a tourney organizer can group the entries in whatever way; in this case the titles of the groupings are misleading. Accepting fairy compositions among retros is also the practice of many renowned magazines.

As there is no definition for fairy chess, we can not state that for retro problems this definition is different. We only happen to have the situation, that fairy compositions are accepted within the Retros & proogames. For all other problem genres, the fairy compositions are shuffled into Fairies. Is this irregular situation documented anywhere? Does anybody know the origin of the acceptance of fairies among retro problems? Is this partly the reason for the scarce participation in the retros and proofgames section? Composers of orthodox retros do not want to compete with fairy problems, where a composer can invent a new circe condition in order to get his problem correct, and composers of fairy retros do not compete as they are put into the wrong group?

We, makers and solvers of problems, have a problem to solve. There is one solution and two thematic tries. Tries: 1) continue as presently and hope that the issue gets as little attention as possible 2) rename the groups to be on one hand Fairy problems excluding Fairy retros & Fairy proofgames and on the other hand Retros & Proofgames & Fairy retros & Fairy proofgames. Solution: for this issue, but mostly for more important issues, rewrite Codex Chapter II. - No other solutions found.

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