[Retros] ISC

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 15:55:59 EST 2011

> I strongly support your idea and I think I could compose

> some problem(s) as a contribution towards such a contest,

> but I am afraid I have no ?organizing abilities? and no

> skills at influencing any officials.

> Yours,

> Andrey

Well, i really doubt something can be put up this year,
especially because such an International Event requires
a huge organization, and the time schedule already
seems wicked: "the start of the contest must be
at the same time in each country. This means CET
(Central European Time) at 11 hr".

But if we don't ask, nobody will set it up for us.
So knowing some people like you support the idea is
important just for daring to ask.

>> I mean i've only heard about a retro solving

>> contest in France


>Peter van den Heuvel organised the Dutch retro

>solving competition a few times during the Dutch

>problemist meeting in Nunspeet.


Thanks for pointing out. Where can we get our hand
on the problems?

Also does anyone knows about a tool to create free
online survey?

Best regards

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