[Retros] Add units: 14th update

Mu-Tsun Tsai tsai39 at illinois.edu
Mon May 30 12:42:39 EDT 2011

I found a cook of your N2Ai problem (provided that the diagram is correct):

1.a4 a5 2.b4 b5 3.c4 c5 4.d4 d5 5.e4 e5 6.f4 f5 7.g4 g5 8.h4 h5 9.hxg5 Nf6
10.gxh5 Nc6 11.bxa5 Ra6 12.axb5 Rh6 13.fxe5 Bd6
14.cxd5 Be6 15.exf5 Kf8 16.dxc5 Kf7 17.gxh6 Ke7 18.fxe6 Qg8 19.exf6+ Ke8
20.dxc6 Qxg1 21.cxd6 Rb6 22.axb6 Qxh1 23.h7 Kd8 24.h6 Kc8 25.f7 Kb8 26.Ra8+
Kxa8 27.b7+ Ka7 28.f8=Q Qxf1+ 29.Kd2 Qf5 30.b6+ Ka6 31.h8=Q Qxb1 32.Qhf6
Qxc1+ 33.Kd3 Ka5 34.b8=Q Kb4 35.h7 Qa1 36.Qdf1 Qa2 37.h8=Q Qa1 38.Qh2 Qa2
39.Q6h8 Qa1 40.Qfg7 Qa2 41.Qg5 Qa1 42.e7 Qa2 43.e8=Q Qa1 44.c7 Qa2 45.c8=Q
Qa1 46.Qbc7 Qa2 47.b7 Qa1 48.Qgg3 Qa2 49.d7 Kb5 50.Qc8d8 Ka6 51.Qe4 Ka7
52.Qdg8 Qa6+ 53.Kd2 Qg6 54.Q8b3 Qe8 55.d8=Q Qe7 56.Qg5 Qe8 57.Qdd6 Qa8

The problem is, if the black king is at a7 and the last move was bx?a8=R#
then there's nothing wrong with it.

On the other hand, the other one you gave later


don't have the same problem and I believe it is correct. In this problem,
black king is at f4 and white king is at d2.


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