[Retros] Mushikui Reconstruction mathematical(+retro) question

Mu-Tsun Tsai tsai39 at illinois.edu
Mon May 23 08:10:26 EDT 2011

> The type of piece that's captured isn't used, so that should be 'Ne6xf4+'

> (i.e. 7).


> This seems to work as 8 though:

> W: Kh1 Bd1 Ne2 Ne6 Ng2

> B: Kh5 Pf4

> Ne2xf4++


> Joost

I made a remark earlier that double checks are denoted simply by "+", not

So indeed 7 is the length of the longest possible move string. Some
possibilities includes:

(1) Capturing promotion and check(mate), like "cxd8=Q+"

(2) Disambiguous capture and check(mate), like "Qf6xg7#", as you mentioned

(3) En passant capture and check(mate), like "axb6ep+"

These are the only three possible types for a length 7 move.

Recall that the format I'm using is the same as described in PGN spec
except for the only difference being that I put "ep" to denote en passant.
I now call this the "PGNep" format. Here's the discussion on this issue.



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