[Retros] Mushikui Reconstruction (completely unknown moves)

Mu-Tsun Tsai tsai39 at illinois.edu
Sun May 22 19:24:42 EDT 2011

Hi everybody,

I just came up with a new idea that might makes this mushikui puzzle more
interesting. The idea is that, I will now replace some of the moves in a
mushikui sequence by question marks "?", and that indicates that the move is
completely unknown, not even the length of the representation of that move!

Here's an example, modified from Problem (1) in my first message.

1.? ** 2.**** **** 3.? ***** 4.** ***** 5. **** ? 6. ****** **** 7. *****

Three of the moves are replaced by "?", but still the solution is unique
(same as the one given in my first message).

This example has 13 single moves and 3 question marks, so I shall define its
"question mark density" to be 3/13.

Needless to say, a new open quest I will leave to you is to find a sequence
with the highest question mark density!


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