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Thanks to quick answers from many of you, I have now enough PG problems for
the competition.

There is still room for non PG problems
What I wrote about distribution of points raised some questions.
So, some explanation seems needed :
stipulation like "solve the position" is difficult to annotate;

(on the basis of 5 points per problem), preferable are stipulation like :

"last 10 singles moves?" : 0,5 point by single move
"last 4 captures?" : 1,25 points by capture


Dans un e-mail daté du 16/05/2011 18:52:57 Paris, Madrid (heure d'été),
CAILLAUDM at aol.com a écrit :


This year, Messigny will be from 10th to 13th June.
I am in charge of the traditional retro solving competition (and as usual
I am very late in doing things...).
If you have in your files some suitable original problem (not too
difficult in view of a time limited competition (~8 problems to solve in 2 hours),
I will welcome it. Not SPG problems should allow easy distribution of the
points. Originals used for the Messigny solving tourney will be published in
Phenix and will compete for the 2011 retro informal tourney.

Michel caillaud

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