[Retros] Add units: 13th update

Mu-Tsun Tsai tsai39 at illinois.edu
Sun May 15 20:43:52 EDT 2011

P.S. Somehow my second email works immediately but not my first one,
so I guess something is wrong with my first email, and thus I shall try
again here.

Hello everyone,

My name is Mu-Tsun Tsai and I'm from Taiwan. I just joined this mailing list
today, and I'm pretty new to retro compositions. As I'm reading this article
about the record of "add units" type problem, I'm kind of impressed that
there're no record for adding 1 unit Type A problem except for N1KAi. So I
tried to compose this one. This one is probably not very economic, but at
least we might have something to begin with.

FEN: nNb5/nQrppppp/qRp5/kp6/p6P/P1P5/RPrPPPP1/K7

This should be a "1NAi" problem, if I'm correct about the design
(hopefully... I'm new here, you know...). The position is illegal, neither
side is in check, and without indicating which side has the move or how many
units one should add, the only solution is to add a white knight at b1 and
retract -1...Rc1 -2. c2 Rh1 -3. Nc3 etc.
Please let me know if this one works! Thanks :)

Mu-Tsun Tsai

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