[Retros] Illegal moves by grandmasters

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 13:29:43 EDT 2011

If i recall correctly, as soon as the game ends (which
is the case here according to the rules) the players
become bystanders, and so the recorded extra move are
bystanders' moves, not players's moves.

I wouldn't say those moves are illegal in OTB chess world
(they would be in problemists world and Andrew's DR idea
was a brilliant way to show how), but that in fact they
are USELESS moves (or bystanders' moves).

And as an expert in useless OTB chess moves i
wouldn't blame even top players, with all the
stress in a game and the clocks goind on, etc...
But i'm glad you made this compilation François,
as it shows useless moves we are sure of, while
OTB commentators speak about possible useless moves,
and are still arguing. ;)

Best, Alain

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