[Retros] Add units: 6th update and link modified

Thierry LE GLEUHER t.legleuher at hotmail.fr
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Dear friends
And what to say on this example (no economic of course) which seems to be included in no category.
Thierry LE GLEUHER4k3/p4p1p/RP6/bRP5/QrpP4/qpqrPP2/3pP1PP/1K6(12+12)Add units (not zero)
The initial position is legalretro : 1... d5xNc4
SolutionAs soon as a white unit is added the preceding retro move is not legal any more.The wK's cage must then be opened by Ra1-b1 with screens in a2 and b2. + wNa2 +wNb2retro : 1.Ka1-b1 Qc2-c3 2.Nd1-b2 Kf8-e8 3.Nc3-d1 Ke8-f8 4.Nb1-c3 Qc1-a3 ...
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 15:16:32 -0700
From: abrobecker at yahoo.com
To: retros at janko.at
Subject: [Retros] Add units: 6th update and link modified

Dear retro fans,

The name has been changed to addunits.pdf and can be found here:

I modified N2A, N2A' (i really think it's possible to decrease greatly the
number of pieces, i will modify my program to do so) and N1QAl.
0A was put at the end of the booklet. I added II.

I also wrote the introductory text, and i hope everything is clear and
will be sound. I added two columns, one of them currently empty.
Maybe the DD category can be added, but i'm not sure we shall
seek for that since the other categories are far from complete.

Best regards.

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