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Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 19 15:48:09 EDT 2011

Dear retro fans,

I got some questions concerning the choice of categories.
Just after this mail i'll start updating the booklet, but here is
a short overview of what i have in mind:

1) Illegal position
   1.a) The number of units to add is also the maximum number of units
          that can be added, and so need not be specified.
          (add the missing units, complete the position)
   1.b) We can add a given number of pieces, or more than this number...
         The number must be specified (add N units, add the minimum
         possible number of units).
2) Legal position: the number of units to add must be specified (because
    0 units added would be another solution since the position is legal).

In 1.a) and 1.b) we can have Type A or Type C. 2) is necessarily of type A.
So, the only missing possibility in the booklet in my opinion (and i already
said so) is to separate "Add N units Type A" in two categories:
legal/illegal position. The 5 possibilities obtained are exactly the same as
above (we must exclude JOKE problems 0A which is necessarily legal
since it misses 0 units).

When organising the booklet, this is what i had in mind, and i hope
it is consistent. For the moment nobody has given a problem that
doesn't fit (except 0A as said earlier).

Best regards


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