[Retros] Add units, 18th update

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
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Sorry for the confusion, i've not been
looking closely enough on problems last week.
Normally it has been corrected:

Also look for new version of 1KC (by
someone who wanted to stay anonymous ;)

Best regards,

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> Hi I agree with Mu-Tsun on his 1KA.


>http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/addunits.pdf For the 1NA, I think many people contributed and I am happy

> with the shared

> ownership as given.


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> Hi Alain,


> I'm kind of hesitate to say this... but I believe the new

> 1KA problem is

> really my own creation and multi-ownership is not needed.

> Similarly the 1NA

> is basically just Andrew Buchanann (or, after me at most).

> Of course you

> should ask Andrew's opinion on this one.


> Mu-Tsun


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