[Retros] OTB retro

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 22 15:24:02 EDT 2011

I wrote:

>> Does OTB grandmaster Moiseenko also indulge in retro problems?

> I suppose you may be referring to two different persons.

> Anatoly Moisienko (not Moiseenko) the composer (though not

> a retro composer, as far as I know) is a Kiev University

> professor of linguistics and the inventor of an art form called

> shakhopoeziya (chess poetry) [...]

> Could it be that there are three Moise/ienkos?

I've been sufficiently "out of the loop" that I wasn't aware of even one
chess player or composer by this name until I saw that Chessbase item.
(I guess it's probably a common enough name that the coincidence is not
too surprising.) I was just amused by the fact that an over-the-board GM
would choose a Bishop promotion that served no competitive purpose but
did happen to produce a position of mild retroanalytical interest
of a kind that I've not seen before in an actual game.


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