[Retros] Retro solving in Messigny 2011

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First puzzle
a)1-d4 Nf6 2-Bf4 Nd5 3-B.c7
b)1-d4 c5 2-Bf4 c4 3-Bc7 c3 4-N.c3 Nf6 5-Nb1 Nd4

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Below are the problems submitted this year.

They belong to the Phenix 2011 tourney for original retros.
There were more PGs than classical retros, but more points for solving a classical retro than for a PG...
There was some incident as I misprinted number of moves of 6 (7.0 instead of 7.5) but this was soon detected (by Pascal Wassong) and corrected.

The 8 problems were to be solved in 2 hours.
Can you do better than the winner, Thierry Le Gleuher, who scored the maximum (48 points; also the only one to do so) in 1h13'? (Thierry says he was even quicker than that, but he took time to re-read carefully his redaction before handing back his copy!).


1 :
PG a) 2.5 b) 5.0 (16+15) (2+3 points)

2 :
SPG 10.0 (12+15) (5 points)

3 :
SPG 10.0 (13+12) (5 points)

4 :
SPG 15.5 (15+12) (5 points)

5 :
SPG 16.5 (13+15) (5 points)

6 :
SPG 7.5 Duellists (15+14) (5 points)
Duellists (Echecs Duel, DuellantenSchach,...) : each side choses a duellist and must play with this piece until he can no longer (capture, pining, need to parry a check,...); then he can choose a new duellist.

7 :
Which captures are determined? (14+11) (9 points)

8 :
a) Add a piece on h8 then
b) What were white promotion moves?
c) Which captures are determined?
(10+13) (3+3+3 points)

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