[Retros] Introduction to Retrograde Analysis

Николай Белухов nbeluhov at abv.bg
Sun Sep 5 12:50:11 EDT 2010

Dear retro-friends,
I recently completed one short introductory text to classical retroanalysis. It opens with such basic concepts as legality and slowly builds up to quite complex retros by means of numerous examples and exercises.
The text was written and typeset by me and edited by Andrey Frolkin; Henrik Juel, Mario Richter and Dmitrij Baibikov added a lot of valuable remarks later on.
The .pdf file for the booklet can be downloaded here:
and here:
The .TeX source files (in a .zip archive) are available here:
and here:
In case that there are any problems with these links, try to remove the "amp;" string right after the ampersand character.
Please feel free to distribute this work to all newcomers interested in the field; I do hope that it is going to be helpful!
The .sty and the other source files include some comments meant to help other enthusiasts who are willing to typeset chess composition texts using LaTeX.
Best wishes,
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