[Retros] Series proof games leading to a checkmate in one move.

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Thu Nov 4 11:07:56 EDT 2010

Hi François,

> Pa7, 1 fewer capture

> 1.e3 5.Kb5 6.c4 7.Qa4 8.b3 10.Bxe7 12.Ba5 a6#

You include the mating move as a non-capture. I do agree with this new
view point.

> Pe7, 1 fewer move (2 different solutions)

> 1.c4 3.Qxa7 4.Qe3 5.d4 9.Kd5 10.Qe4 12.Be5 e6#

> 1.g4 4.Bxh7 6.Ba6 7.d3 11.Kg5 12.Bf4 e6#


> Pg7, no improvement but different

> 1.c3 3.Qg4 4.d4 5.Bg5 6.f4 10.Kh5 11.h4 g6#


> Ra8, no improvement but different

> 3.Nb5 4.d4 7.Kb4 8.c3 10.Qxa7 11.Qxb7 12.Qa6 13.Ka5 14.b4 Rxa6#


> Because I did an exhaustive search up to N = 12, all the records with N

> <= 12 are optimal. In addition, the record for Pd7 must be optimal

> because it has 13 moves and no captures.

And same for Pe7. Many thanks for the computation. It shows in particular
that humans were not so bad here...

I received some private emails concerning 0-0 and 0-0-0. Still not
solutions, but they might perhaps exist...

Best wishes,


>> Pa7 (Nicolas Dupont) 12 moves

>> 1.e3 2.Bb5 3.d3 7.Ka5 8.b4 10.Bxg7 12.Bb6 and then axb6#


>> Pb7 (Arthur Dupont) 11 moves

>> 1.a4 3.Rh3 4.e3 5.Bb5 6.d3 10.Ka5 11.b4 and then b6#


>> Pc7 (France-Echecs) 8 moves

>> 1.c3 2.Qa4 7.Ka5 8.b4 and then c6#


>> Pd7 (Jean-Christian Galli) 13 moves

>> 2.a5 4.Re4 5.d4 9.Ke5 10.Bf4 11.e3 13.Bd5 and then d6#


>> Pe7 (Jean-Christian Galli) 13 moves

>> 2.h5 4.Rd4 5.e4 9.Kd5 10.Bc4 11.d3 13.Be5 and then e6#


>> Pf7 (Jacques Dupin) 12 moves

>> 1.h4 4.Rxd7 6.Re4 7.d4 11.Ke5 12.Bf4 and then f6#


>> Pg7 (Arthur Dupont) 11 moves

>> 1.h4 3.Ra3 4.d3 5.Bg5 6.e3 10.Kh5 11.Qg4 and then g6#


>> Ph7 (Nicolas Dupont) 12 moves

>> 1.d3 2.Bg5 3.e3 7.Kh5 8.g4 10.Bxb7 12.Bg6 and then hxg6#


>> Ra8 (Andrew Buchanan) 14 moves

>> 4.axb7 5.Rxa7 7.Rh3 8.d3 10.Nf3 11.Bd2 12.Qa1 14.Kc1 and then Rxa1#


>> Nb8 (Jacques Dupin) 12 moves

>> 1.h4 4.Rxd7 6.Re4 7.d4 11.Ke5 12.Bf4 and then Nc6#


>> Bc8 (Jean-Christian Galli) 14 moves

>> 4.dxe7 5.exf8=B 7.Bfg3 8.Bcf4 9.e3 13.Kh3 14.Qxd7+ and then Fxd7#


>> Qd8 (Andrew Buchanan) 10 moves

>> 4.fxe7 5.exf8=N 6.Nxd7 9.Nh6 10.g4 and then Qh4#


>> Ke8 (Nicolas Dupont & Jean-Christian Galli) 28 moves

>> 1.a4 4.Rxh7 6.Re3 11.hxg8=N 13.Nxf7 14.Nxh8 16.Nxf8 19.Nfb5 20.d4

>> 27.Kh8 28.Rh7 and then Kf7#


>> Bf8 (Nicolas Dupont & Andrew Buchanan) 15 moves

>> 1.a4 4.Rxd7 5.d3 6.Bf4 7.e3 9.Bh5 10.f3 13.Kh4 14.Bg3 15.Rxe7+ and then

>> Bxe7#


>> Ng8 (Nicolas Dupont) 11 moves

>> 1.h4 4.Rg5 5.g3 6.Bh3 11.Kh5 and then Nf6#


>> Rh8 (Andrew Buchanan) 12 moves

>> 4.hxg7 5.Rxh7 7.Ra3 8.e3 10.Nc3 11.Be2 12.Kf1 and then Rh1#

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