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Well not obvious or trivial, but uninteresting, apart from the task element. I don't like counting promotions or whatever. Is one interestingly motivated promotion less impressive than five trivial ones? Clearly I'm not quoting my own thoughts.Joose

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> Tim Chow asked:


> > [...] What is the most number of knights (or queens, or whatever)

> > to appear in the set position of a proof game [with a unique solution]?


> Joose Norri responds:


> > Yes, obviously one could do -- but why!? Sorry, missed the irony.


> I don't see why this need be ironic or ugly; it looks to me like a

> legitimate task. And it certainly *doesn't* look obvious that one can

> promote all White pawns to Bishops in a sound proof game! For starters

> such a game must have length at least 39.5, and it's already nontrivial

> to attain such lengths at all, let alone with 40 pawn moves on one side.



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