[Retros] More than three, less than five

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Sat May 1 04:42:36 EDT 2010

> [very fast analysis]

> 1.OO! Retraction requires the black king to go to c1, then the bishop

> goes to c8 and b7-b6 can be retracted. The whole retraction requires

> more than 100 halfmoves.

Is the position (NbRr1qBn/2ppppkB/1p4p1/2p3P1/2P3p1/1P6/P2PPP2/rb2K2R)
given correctly in Nikolai's booklet?

If yes, then a complete PG with 90 or even less single moves is possible.

Start the retractions with
-0. ... Ba7-b8 -1.Rb8-c8 Rc8-d8 -2.Rb7-b8 Bb8-a7 -3.Ra7-b7 Qd8-f8
-4.Ra3-a7 Kf8-g7 -5.Ra4-a3 Ke8-f8 -6.g7-g8=B Kf8-e8 -7.h6xNg7!;
then bNg7 shields on d1; the rest is easy ...



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