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Has anyone got a Labelle-style database of exact openings that they can hit with the alpha-beta algorithm? Assign a non-extensible game 1/0 if White/Black is the last to move. Assign 0.5 if the game is on the frontier of what has been computed, and so its extensibility is not known. Et voila! With a bit of luck the value of the game will be determined to be 0 or 1 - if not, we should know which areas to explore more deeply.

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Dear all,

Andrey said :

> I suggested that

> it might be of interest to compose the longest proof game featuring an

> official game debut

A couple of years ago, I had a related idea : playing "exact chess". This
goes as ordinary chess, but the first player who makes a move such that
the resulting position is not exact looses the game !



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