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Peter Fayers fayers.peter at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 26 04:25:18 EST 2010

Dear retro friends,
Sadly, it looks like the last published magazine dedicated to over-the-board
playing of chess variants is to go the same way as its illustrious
predecessors Eteroscacco from Italy and Nostalgia from the US.
The next issue of Variant Chess, number 64 (appropriately) is likely to be
our last, and will also be a bumper issue as we use up our surplus funds.
For several issues now I have been running a column on proof games, and
would like to exapnd this as much as possible in its last appearance. I will
welcome any problem, preferably in variants actually played over-the-board
rather than just problem themes.
Note that this is not a tourney, there will be no awards, and hence no
prizes. (Another reason there will be no prizes is that I don't want
prize-winning problems. My readers are regular over-the-board players who
like a fairly-easy puzzle to solve now and then. So if you come with an AUW
Schnoebelen PG in 34.5, please send it to Probleemblad or Stratagems or
similar, where it will be better appreciated.)
I can't even promise to send you a copy of the magazine itself - that will
depend how many of you help out whether we can afford to print and mail the
last issues with whatever funds we have left. Everyone will receive a pdf of
the proof game pages, though.
Please send material privately, as some retro corner users are also VC
subscribers. I shall post the entire article here after it has appeared.
Many thanks for you help;
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