[Retros] linguistic hole

Theodore Hwa hwatheod at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 21 03:09:12 EST 2010

Now, somebody just needs to compose a problem involving 7 Horcruxes, and
the composition could be entitled "Voldemort" :)


On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, andrew buchanan wrote:


> So here's how it would work. When a promotion occurs, it is into one of

> 5 types (there are 2 "flavours of bishop"). If that type results in the

> number of pieces of that type still being within the limit (2 for R,N; 1

> for Q,B,B'), then the promotion is a Phoenix. If the number of pieces of

> that type would exceed the limit, then the promotion is what to a

> "Horcrux". Note that a Horcrux is a darker concept than a Phoenix,

> because a Horcrux brings us, at least at that stage in the game, in a

> state of violation of the promoted material convention. Blood must

> usually be spilled, mark my words, before the game is out! A Phoenix has

> no such baggage.

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