[Retros] February 21st Update of the Retro Corner

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sun Feb 21 06:24:16 EST 2010

Dear Retro Friend,

I have just updated the Retro Corner:

a) Articles and Glossary items:

• Codex for Chess Composition 2008 Update (discussion by W. Keym deleted on
request of the author)
• Codex for Chess Composition 2009 Update (by W. Keym)
• Castling and En-passant capture in the Codex 2009 (by W. Keym) – An
English translation of his article in Die Schwalbe, February 2010, issue
241: “Partielle Retroanalyse und Retro-Strategie im Kodex 2009"
• Partial Retro Analysis (PRA) (disclaimer added)
• Retro Variants (RV) (disclaimer added)
• Castling (disclaimer added)
• Mutually Exclusive Castlings (disclaimer added)

Many thanks to Werner Keym for providing all these updates!

b) New Retro problems:

• Phénix, No. 172, Apr. 2008
• Phénix, No. 175, Jul.-Aug. 2008
• Phénix, No. 179, Dec. 2008
• Phénix, No. 168, Apr. 2009
• The Problemist, March 2009
• The Problemist, May 2009
• The Problemist, July 2009
• The Problemist, September 2009

Many thanks to Thierry le Gleuher for the Phénix problems and to Joost de
Heer for The Problemist problems.

Best Regards,

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