[Retros] The Case of the Mysterious Moves

Николай Белухов nbeluhov at abv.bg
Sat Oct 31 12:50:44 EDT 2009

Dear Gerd,

I don't believe that you have missed a point - it is possible that the second puzzle is cooked. I myself only solved the easier one, which is incorporated into the story (and I was so impressed with it that I just took the author's word for the harder one). If this is indeed so, I sincerely apologize for posting an unsound problem!

I don't think these two need to be the last problems of their kind; but it seems now (as I suspected, and you confirmed) that it is very hard indeed to create a completely determined game which does not make use of castling. Hopefully, some interested and skilled composer could accomplish this in the future - either by repairing the old mechanism or designing an entirely new one.

Best wishes,

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