[Retros] Lecture in Rio / A Proofgame inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim

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Mon Oct 26 19:30:01 EDT 2009

Hi Joost,

Bernd is wright. This Lecture was about the problem published as no. 14190 in Die Schwalbe 238
(August 2009).

It was presented there since it was published as "dedicated to the Rio Meeting" (the comments
explain why). The PG is,
Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois
Inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim, dedicated to Enzo Minerva and to the Rio 2009 Meeting
PG in 19.0 moves CIRCE

I'm including at the end of this message the solution and comments (Thomas will surely excuse

I do recomend to listen first the Jobim's song which the PG is inspired in (as it was presented in Rio),



1.h4, g5 2.hxg5(g2), b6 3.Rh6, Ba6 4.Rxb6(b7), h5 5.e4, Rh6 6.Qxh5(h7), Rc6 7.Nf3, Rc3 8.Bf4, d5 9.d3, Qd7 10.Nd2, Qa4 11.Nb3, Nc6 12.Bd2, O-O-O 13.Qh3+, f5 14.gxf5 e.p(f7), Kb8 15.fxe7, Ka8 16.e8=R, Rxa8(Rh1) 17.O-O, Bc5 18.exd5(d7), Re1 19.Kh1, Rxf1+
Authors, "One man Valladao". The h2 pawn shows all the special chess moves: Pawn double step, e.p. capture, promotion and castling.

We got into the Valladao theme thanks to the Minerva's Jubilee (2008/09). This rendition in particular was inspired by an Antonio Carlos Jobim's song. Jobim is an emblematic brazilian composser, having songs like "The girl from Ipanema", "Corcovado",etc, that were interpretated for, for instance, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams, etc.

One of his most famous songs is "Samba de uma nota so" (One note Samba), where the melody is notably displayed by the same note taking care of all the job. This PG would be "Valladao de uma peza so"(One man Valladao). A problem dedicated to the Rio 2009 Meeting.

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