[Retros] PCCC meeting decisions

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 23 04:41:02 EDT 2009


For retro-composers the following is of importance:

"The last sentence in paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Codex was modified."

New article 16:

Article 16 - Castling and En-passant capture

(1) Castling convention. Castling is permitted unless it can be proved
that it is not permissible.

(2) En-passant convention. An en-passant capture on the first move is
permitted only if it can be proved that the last move was the double
step of the pawn which is to be captured [20].

(3) Partial Retrograde Analysis (PRA) convention. Where the rights to
castle and/or to capture en-passant are mutually dependent, the solution
consists of several mutually exclusive parts. All possible combinations
of move rights, taking into account the castling convention and the
en-passant convention, form these mutually dependent parts. If in the
case of mutual dependency of castling rights a solution is not possible
according to the PRA convention, then the Retro-Strategy (RS) convention
should be applied: whichever castling is executed first is deemed to be

(4) Other conventions should be expressly stipulated, for example if in
the course of the solution an en-passant capture has to be legalised by
subsequent castling (a posteriori convention AP).

(Does anyone know what changed *exactly*?)

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