[Retros] Correction: Problem Paradise 45, january - march 2008

Naoki Matsuzaki naoki.matsuzaki at nifty.com
Sun Feb 1 22:15:18 EST 2009

Dear retro friends,

I found mistakes in R151 of the previous post.

wQ at d8 is not on B, but on A.
wR at f5 is not on A, but on B.

The following is correct.

R151 Naoki Matsuzaki
A) 2bQ4/ppppppp1/8/8/1P6/8/4PPP1/R3KB2 (8 + 8)
B) 4k3/7P/8/5R2/P7/8/8/8 (3 + 1)
Alice Chess
Add 4 pieces so that you can prove wK has moved.

The Alice Chess position is printed in one diagram on Problem Paradise; pieces
on A are usual and pieces on B are upside-down. So it is easy to confuse R on
A with R on B.

Naoki Matsuzaki

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