[Retros] Initiation to PGs

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 06:29:35 EST 2009

Dear retro friends,

I've written a small initiation to PGs, in French.
The aim is to have a stack of them in the OTB chess
tournaments i play into. I hope it's clear enough and
not much mistakes are left.

It can be found at:


I would like to have it translated in English (or any other language)
but would need some help to make it sound correct (as you can judge
by the current mail ;). Anybody ok to help?

Also, i will probably try to make the same for classical retros,
but i'll have to setup a better chess typesetting system beforehand,
so it may take some time.

Best regards,

Alain Brobecker (abrobecker at yahoo.com) |_ _ _ |_
http://abrobecker.free.fr/ |_)(_|(_|| ) of Arm's Tech

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