[Retros] feenschach is resurrected

Thomas Brand t.brand at gmx.net
Fri Dec 11 17:02:01 EST 2009

Joost gave the first clue:

It's good news, it's true:

feenschach is alive again!

After a long break (the last issue, dated “Summer 2007”, was published in July
2008) many new issues are now to be released: By mid-January 2010 a total of
ten (10!) issues will be published. Preliminary pdf-files of the first four
issues can be downloaded at www.feenschach.de.

Now we expect a huge number of contributions once feenschach returns to
regular publication in 2010.

Subscriptions to: bernd ellinghoven, Königstraße 3, D-52064 Aachen, Germany,
be.fee at t-online.de

Originals and articles to: Hans Gruber, Ostengasse 34, D-93047 Regensburg,
Germany, hg.fee at t-online.de

Solutions to: Thomas Marx, Töpferstraße 21, D-41515 Grevenbroich, Germany,
loe.fee at googlemail.com



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