[Retros] An invitation with an explanation

Bernd Gräfrath retromode at web.de
Wed Dec 9 01:59:52 EST 2009

Dear Andrey,

in which section would you put fairy-SPGs?

Best wishes,


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Dear retro-friends,

> I would like to invite you to take part in a so-called Olympic retro

> tourney:

> http://selivanov.ru/news1/olympic/ – see section 8.

> Please do not look at this tourney in the light of the apparent

> tension between the (ex-)PCCC and FIDE. I was greatly surprised to be

> appointed as judge of the retro section: I had very seldom contacted

> Mr. Selivanov in the past and in 2008 I wrote him a letter and then a

> request for confirmation of receipt of that letter and there was no

> reply; moreover, Mr. Selivanov did not contact me in connection with

> the appointment in the spring of 2009. But, as formal retro tourneys

> are very rare nowadays, I decided not to send a refusal to judge the

> Olympic tourney retro section – especially as I thought I would

> probably not get any response again and would thus find myself in an &

> #8220;uncertain” position in relation to the tourney. At

> present, I have no idea how many, if any, entries have been received

> so far. There is, however, one thing I am sure of: a more or less

> successful tourney will only do good to retroanalysis in general. In

> my view, the tourney should ideally be divided into three sections: &#

> 8220;classical-style” retros, SPGs, and fairy retros. If Mr.

> Selivanov does not agree to that approach, however, I promise I will

> judge all problems received without any preference for a particular

> retro type.

> I would also like to mention the fact that a further similar tourney

> has been recently announced on the same site:

> http://selivanov.ru/newss/?act=show_news&id=191 – again section

> 8.

> Yours truly,

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