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So my previous message took really bad the transition to plaintext... I am really sorry for that. Here's the unreadable part again, hope this time it goes along better.

"As for themes, Troitzkij is an artist of great fantasy. Original

and deep ideas reveal themselves to him with blinding brightness. Ideed, ideas

are an inseparable part of his body of work. The collection of his studies,

regarded as a treasure of ideas, is incomparable. And the same can be observed

in the field of retroanalysis... As for technique, it is necessary to say that,

to Troitzkij, retro-tactics held no secrets."

"This problem,

in the sense of masterful technique... is Troitzkij's highest achievement . The

retro-opposition between two Bishops is presented here in an astonishing manner."

"A marvelous scheme: loss of

tempo in a triangle... the only specimen known"

"To me, a beginner in the

field of retroanalysis, Troitzkij's works were a vade mecum"

Most (if not all) of these quotes seem to be from a paper on
Troitzkij's work that Dawson himself wrote - I think the title was "The
Master of Retrograde analysis A. A. Troitzkij" (I only know of a
Russian publication of this paper in "Zadachi i etjudji" from 1930).
Does anybody happen to have the original text? I would be very
grateful for the information.

Best wishes,


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