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I checked in my collection of Europe Echecs the 3 numbers that are

422 contains the judgment by Wolfgang Dittmann for 1991 - 1992. It
contains no originals.

466 contains an article by Michel Caillaud, about André Hazebrouck.
It contains no originals.

I don't have N°469. At that time, I bought Europe Echecs only when it
contained retro problems. As this is the moment where André
Hazebrouck stopped the column in Europe Echecs, and just some month
before the column completely disappeared, I think that issu 469 didn't
contain any originals.

The last number I have is 471, which is the last number containing


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Otto> What is still missing on the Retro Corner?

Otto> Thema Danicum 124ff diagrammes 127-137,139ff Europe Echecs
Otto> 422, 466, 469 Phenix Apr.2006, Apr.2008ff Probleemblad
Otto> Jan.2005-Jul.2006, Jul.2008ff The Problemist
Otto> Jan.1999-Jan.2000, May.2000, Sep.2000-Mar.2002
Otto> Jul.2002-Sep-2002, Jan.2004-Mar.2003, Sep.2003-Nov.2003
Otto> May.2004-Sep.2006, Jan.2008, Sep.2008ff Die Schwalbe 1-147,
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