[Retros] PRA & RS: Jurmala-2008 vs Piran-1958

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Mon Sep 15 09:44:38 EDT 2008

Joost wrote:

> Has anyone made a comparison between the previous article and the current

> one?

Here is the text of article 16 as of November 2007:

Article 16 - Dependent Moves

(1) Castling is deemed to be permissible unless it can be
proved that it is not permissible. An en-passant capture
is permissible on the first move only if it can be proved
that the last move was the double-step of the pawn to be
captured. (*20)

(2) In case of mutual dependency of catling rights of
each party, the party exercising this right first is entitled
to do so. Other conventions (which also affect other
rights to move) should be expressly stipulated, for exam-

(a) If an en-passant capture in the course of the solu-
tion has to be legalized by a subsequent castling (for
example AP).

(b) If several possibilities that result in several solu-
tions are to be distinguished in the retro play, i.e. in
the proof game or in some parts of it, then these pos-
sibilities are called retro-variants (for example RV).

(*20) In determining the permissibility of these features,
account must be taken of which party is to move first.



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