[Retros] Originals from Silvio Baier's article

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 12 16:30:19 EDT 2008

Joost de Heer schreef:

> All originals are by SB. He tried to show economical representations of

> the Pronkin theme (a piece is captured, and a promoted piece takes its

> place on the homesquare).


> Economy criteria used:

> - The number of unthematic captures should be minimal (ideally 0)

> - The number of moves should be minimal

> - The number of officers on their homesquare should be as large as possible

I've found improvements for s, QR and RR (one more piece at home), and
RB (one less move). All these are C+.

s(11.0;): rsbqkbsr/ppp1pppp/8/5B2/4PB2/1Q2P3/PPP2PPP/RS2K1SR
QR(15,5;25): 1sbqkb1r/1pp1p1pp/8/2p2p2/1r5s/1p6/1PP1PPPP/RSBQKBSR
RR(15,5;25): rsbqkb2/1pp1ppp1/8/1p1p4/4r3/2s3p1/1PPPPPP1/RSBQKBSR
RB(15,5;22): rs2k1s1/ppp3p1/1rp2p2/4p2b/6p1/bq6/PPP1PPP1/RSBQKBSR


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