[Retros] shortest Madrasi PG stalemate ended

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Sun Mar 30 12:33:18 EDT 2008

Not a new idea. Published almost in Suomen Tehtäväniekat around 1993-1996, but I
haven't old magazines.> From: raosorio at fibertel.com.ar> To: retros at janko.at> Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 13:14:24 -0300> Subject: [Retros] shortest Madrasi PG stalemate ended> > > Hi,> > Perhaps this task is already done, but I couldn't find it in the PDB.> > " Find the Madrasi dual free shortest proofgame ending in a stalemate position"> > The final position is quite paradoxical(showing the Argentine theme someway, > not from the stipualtion but from the result).> > I'll post the solution next weekend, but of course it would be much better to interact> first with solution candidates.> > Best,> Roberto Osorio> > _______________________________________________> Retros mailing list> Retros at janko.at> http://www.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/retros
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