[Retros] The only move?

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Sun Mar 23 21:04:10 EDT 2008

Not quite the same result. In the Mortensen problem White has a possible
move other than PxP e.p. mate (i.e., 1. KxR). In the problem I posted (actually
composed back in the 1970s but not published), White has only one move, PxP
e.p. mate. The diagram (given customary assumptions) does not really need a

No suggestion at all that mine is in any sense superior to the 1967
composition. The Mortensen problem is very fine - - an e.p. key "minimal" with no
promoted force. I did not know it existed until after I had sent mine to a theme
tourney for minimals in Problemist. In fact, I was trying to do what it did,
but the compostion was returned without publication or award because the judge
considered it anticipated by the Mortensen.

No complaint here about that result. At the time I was unable to produce an
ep minimal without promoted force. But my version of the task does have
another feature, having been described by one of our colleagues on the mailing list
as a "mate-only e.p. minimal". There are several other presentations (two
more that I also sent to the tournament appear on the pdb server), but all known
examples have promoted force.


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