[Retros] The only move?

Bernd Schwarzkopf schwarzkopf at uni-duesseldorf.de
Sun Mar 23 06:01:15 EDT 2008

Joost gave the right translation:

Legal position. Each side has the right to move. White has only one move,
Black to move is stalemate.
For each type of move a position with less men (or weaker: Q > R > B = N >
P) is better. You can use promoted pieces.

>>Please excuse me if I have not understood the description. The following

>>problem, which I posted to the mailing list a couple of years ago,

>>satisifies what I understand to be the requirements (one side has only

>>one move, the other none) and presents the e.p. capture with 18 units:

>>[6nr/5K1k/2bq1n1b/3prPp1/5ppp/6np/7p/8 (2, 16)]

Black has not the rigt to move. Compare the following problem (earlier
published, for in 1967 there didn't exist WWW, younger people cannot
imagine) with the same theme (theme of the tourney was: Construct a 1-mover
with as less as possible white and as much as possible [but all necessary
to mate in one] black men):

Peter Kahl, Jan Mortensen
816 Die Welt
15. February 1967
[2b1r1nr/3p1K1k/4pp1b/6pP/3qn2p/4pp2/6p1/8 (2+16)]
1.Ph5xPg5 ep#


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