[Retros] LM D once again

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Sat Mar 15 06:06:06 EDT 2008

Dear retrofans,

Werner Keym informed me that I've paid no
attention to a mail by him with some comments
on my last publication of the Last move Type D
record list.
I'm sorry for this mistake!

His main points:

- a typo in FEN for P-/PxN,
correct entry: P-/PxN/11|8/8/8/8/8/P1P1P3/pP1PrP2/bk1K4

- an improvement for B-/P-=B
Werner Keym|rml 15.03.2008 (received: 12.12.2007)

Using this opportunity, I would like to add one own new
'less than 12 pieces' entry:
Mario Richter|rml 15.03.2008

Because of the fact, that the two websites


have been mentioned in some problem magazines
(e.g. Koenig&Turm and Die Schwalbe) as the reference
places for LM D records, it would be nice if they would
reflect the current state of records for LM D positions.

So please, Andrew and Otto, if you are willing to
update these websites, please send me a short notice.

I will then send you an uptodate list.



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