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Andrej Jakobcic andrej.jakobcic at guest.arnes.si
Sat Mar 15 03:12:59 EDT 2008

2008/3/15, Noam Elkies <elkies at math.harvard.edu>:

> "Frank Tuyl" <tuyl at tpg.com.au> writes:


> > I happened to come across a chess puzzle, published in a Dutch newspaper

> > a couple of years ago, and after many hours I have not been able to crack it.

> > After some googling I found your site and was just wondering whether this

> > would be a way to get the solution from someone. (white to play and win)


> > White: Ka6, Qh2, Nb4, a7

> > Black: Ka8, Qg6, Nf8, d6



> Doesn't seem to be a retroanalytic puzzle, which is what this mailing list

> is for. Anyway, material is even, Black's King has no moves, and the board

> is wide open but for now both Queens are out of play, with neither side

> having a safe check except for Black's threat to free his King with ...d5+.

> This will also answer the otherwise desirable check 1 Qh1+. So White

> would like to play Nd5, blocking that check and threatening mate in one from

> either b6 or c7 -- but 1 Nd5 lets Black play another check, 1...Qd3+, and then

> after 2 Kb6 Qxd5 only Black can win. But if Black didn't have this check

> then Nd5 would win outright, even without using White's Queen. So it's

> worth the Queen to make it possible...


> 1 Qh6!! Qxh6 2 Nd5 and 3 Nb6# or 3 Nc7#


> Black can defend either b6 or c7 with either Queen or Knight (Qe3 or g7/h7,

> Nd7 or e6) but can't stop both mates. Black doesn't have to play Qxh6, but

> White is also threatening 2 Qxf8+ and mate, and Black can't hold everything:

> 1...N-any 2 Qxg6; 1...d5+ 2 Qxg6 Nxg6 3 Nd5 and mate; 1...Qf5(f7,g8/e8?)

> 2 Qh1+ (this is good now that the forced reply ...d5 is no longer

> a cross-check) d5 3 Qxd5+ Qxd5 4 Nxd5 and again mate. If 1...Qe8? then

> 2 Qh1+ mates on the diagonal, and if 1...qg8 then 2 Nd5 is a faster win.


> Any idea who is the composer and when/where this study was first published?


> --Noam D. Elkies

But what after 1. ... Qe4 ?

--Andrej J.

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