[Retros] half castling: new retroplay record

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Mon Mar 10 19:24:15 EDT 2008

Gianni sent this very funny sarcasm,

StrateGems, Oct/Dec. 2000 (v)
14+5 see text

"A Tournament Director, following the official chess rules of the country in which the game above was played, properly ruled that Black could not resign. What country was it?"

Retract: -1.Kg1-e1 Kf3-g2 2.Bg3-f2, etc.

Rule 9C of the Official Rules of the U.S. Chess Federations states:

9C. Castling. In the case of castling, the move is determined with no possibility of change when the player's hand has released the king which has moved two squares toward a rook, and completed when that player, having transferred the rook to its new square, punches the clock.

Rule 9E states:

9E: Checkmate or stalemate. In the case of a move which produces checkmate or stalemate, the move is determined with no possibility of change upon release as described in 9A, 9B, 9C, or 9D, whichever applies. The move is completed simultaneously with its determination.

Since castling produces checkmate in the diagrammed position, castling was complete upon transfer of the White King from e1 to g1. Since White checkmated Black, Black may not resign.

It's remarkable the concept "determined = completed", just the opposite to recent discussions in the chesscafe.

On top of this, this is also the retroplay record showing half castling: 3.5 single moves.


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