[Retros] Are the King and the Rook pieces or what?

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Jan 27 10:07:27 EST 2008

Hi retrofriends,

My best wishes for 2008.

I'm working some ideas related to the "touched piece deal" (afterall, it's part of article 4 in the
FIDE Codex, and since the Codex for Composition stablishes that articles 1 to 5 are the
relevant ones for compositions ,then these ideas are explciitely legallyzed)

I was extremely surprissed by the following statements in the CODE,

4.3 if the player having the move deliberately touches on the chessboard
a) one or more of his own pieces, he must move the first piece touched that can be moved

4.4 a)If a player, intending to castle, touches the king or king and rook at the same time, but
castling on that side is illegal, the player must make another legal move with his king which
may include castling on the other side. If the king has no legal move, the player is free to
make any legal move.

It's clear in 4.3 a) that if a piece A is touched first and then a second piece B, in the case of no
legal move for A the piece B must be moved (because the statement ... THAT can be moved)

Reading in 4.4 a) .....touches king and rook at the same time, and concluding ... If the king has no
legal move, the player is free to make any legal move,(???) .What happened with the touched
rook and its consistency with article 4.3. a) ?

I addition, article 4 starts with "4.1 Each move must be made with one hand only.", making no
exception for castling, but after that 4.4 acepts the posibility to castle touching the King and the
Rook at the same time. I don't know any player capable to castle with one hand moving
simultaneousuy the king and the Rook. If any, I'm very interested to meet him.

Roberto Osorio

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